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The Peace Garden is located in the burial ground behind the meetinghouse and surrounds the stone marker of the common grave of many of the British and American soldiers who fell at the Battle of the Brandywine. It was dedicated in 2005 to draw attention to Quaker's belief in peaceful alternatives to deadly conflict, while honoring those who lost their lives here. The Garden, with its beautiful native plantings is open to the public and is a peaceful place for contemplation.

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Peace Stones

The Peace Stones, with inscriptions containing messages of Peace, have been donated by Friends and others and are meant to encourage thoughtful meditation. The most recent Peace Stone honors the memory of Elizabeth Webb, a founder of Birmingham Meeting. It has been paid for by many of Elizabeth Webb’s descendants. Her writings were usually introspective. 

For more information about Elizabeth Webb and her life, click here -->

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“… when my soul is lowest and nearest to the Lord in the simplicity of truth, then is my heart opened and my mind filled with divine love …”

Elizabeth Webb, From a letter she wrote in 1712 to Anthony William Boehm, chaplain to Prince George of Denmark. 

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