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Helping Hands
Helping Hands

Our Wider Quaker World

"We know ourselves as individuals but only because we

live in community.  Love, trust, fellowship, selflessness are all mediated to us through our interdependence." 

Janet Scott, 1980

Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children
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Birmingham Friends have a long history of supporting and working with Friends Association whose mission is to provide programs and services that prevent homelessness and promote the independence of families and children.  Our children and youth provide gift cards for them at Christmas and many of our members have volunteered and/or served on their Board.

Supporting Quaker Education
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Delaware Valley Friends School

Concord Quarter, of which Birmingham Meeting is a member, has  entered into a Care Relationship with Delaware Valley Friends School. This relationship is "intended to provide a vibrant, active, and meaningful connection between the Quarter and the School, with a focus on spiritual life and nurture of the Quaker identity of the School". 

Other Quaker Schools We Support

Friends at Birmingham provides support to other local Quaker schools by, among other things, serving on their Boards.


West Chester Friends

Westtown School 

Goshen Friends

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Goshen Friends School Logo_edited.jpg
Supporting Quaker Education
Barclay Friends
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The relationship of Birmingham Friends Meeting and  Barclay Friends Senior Living Community goes back to the late 1800's, when Birmingham Friends helped establish a boarding home for elderly women.  Since that time Birmingham Friends has continued to be involved as Directors, Board members and Volunteers.  One of the units of Barclay Friends was named "Birmingham" honoring the longtime association between the meeting and the facility.  A volunteer group from the meeting formed to develop a garden in the community's courtyard, incorporating child friendly elements to the garden so the residents could enjoy watching children play there. 

PYM Logo_edited.jpg

Birmingham meeting joins 100 + monthly meetings that are under the care of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM). These meetings are located in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, eastern shore of Maryland, and northern Delaware. Regional Meetings are often referred to as “Yearly Meetings” because historically they would meet at least once a year to make decisions about issues and concerns that affect the regional group. Currently Philadelphia Yearly Meeting convenes monthly meetings under its care three times a year.

This Video is an overview of the structures that support the  work and community of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. More information is available here.

Learn more about Quakers and Quakerism with Quaker Speak videos.

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